Frida N. Eposi | SMCON23 Ambassador

Frida is a dynamic design strategist, armed with nearly a decade of experience, driving the growth of emerging businesses throughout Africa. Her approach blends design thinking and innovative marketing tools to untangle intricate business challenges on the continent. Frida’s forte lies in transforming concepts into sustainable enterprises. She’s been instrumental in elevating Africa’s economy through her unwavering commitment to women’s entrepreneurship, mentoring over 350 emerging entrepreneurs, SMEs, and startups across the African landscape.
Fueled by an unrelenting passion for innovation and sustainable progress, Frida assumes the role of co-founder and COO at Data Girl Technologies, an EdTech startup and ICT center in Cameroon. Here, she champions the training of female full-stack web developers and UI/UX Designers, contributing significantly to narrowing the gender gap in technology.
Frida’s transformative journey doesn’t stop there. She’s the visionary force behind the African Enterprising Woman, an empowering platform that equips emerging female entrepreneurs with digital skills, propelling them to become trailblazing business leaders. Additionally, she’s the driving spirit behind Dunamis Safety Nets, an entrepreneurial hub.
Her unwavering belief in the fusion of entrepreneurship and technology fuels her aspirations. Frida envisions the creation of a virtual hub poised to train and mentor over 10,000 emerging entrepreneurs, startups, and young professionals, with a special focus on empowering women across Africa.
In recognition of her remarkable work and profound impact across the African continent, Frida earned a well-deserved spot as one of the outstanding innovative young leaders in Africa. This distinction led to her participation in a unique leadership exchange program, the Mandela Washington Fellowship, funded by the U.S. State Department.
Complementing her professional journey, Frida generously volunteers her time as a Hub Manager for African Women in Tech Start-ups (#AfricanWITS), a non-profit Tech Hub dedicated to empowering women through technology-driven entrepreneurship.
When it comes to leadership, Frida is no stranger. She served as the 2021 chapter president of Junior Chamber International Cameroon, demonstrating her commitment to leadership excellence. Currently, she’s further enhancing her expertise by pursuing an MBA in Marketing at the Rome Business School, solidifying her position as a forward-looking leader shaping the future of business and technology in Africa.

Join Frida N. Eposi at the forthcoming Silicon Mountain Conference, 2023

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